is there a balance?


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It is a question that has pinball-bounced around in my mind for a few years now. I’ve ‘joked’ about it with close friends. I would like to find and read from others who have written about it.

Is there an intersection between Christianity and Buddhist practices? When God calls us to pray unceasingly, could he have imagined some form of mindfulness?

I know there are points where the two belief systems do not align. But I am interested in the ways in which they might peacefully co-exist.

I had the thought to start a blog that is primarily for my own benefit. Perhaps no one will ever read it. Yet writing things out seems to be the best way in which I am able to understand my own thoughts. I am not sure of the ‘thesis’ or ‘main topic’. But so far I know I want to explore the following thoughts:

  • mindfulness
  • prayer
  • centering prayer
  • Buddhism as a practice
  • Christianity as a belief
  • and seemingly unrelated, the enneagram
  • people who have proficiently written about the above topics

Again, I am not sure what outcome I want to accomplish. I don’t think an end result is my goal but rather the journey through the questions to a life lived more intentionally and mindfully.

I am not a Birkenstock-wearing, aging old hippie. I do have some of those leanings, true. I do not aspire to be ‘like everyone else’. Keeping up with the Joneses is not in my wheelhouse since I do not have the resources in which to do so and also, neither the desire. In that way, I have hippie tendencies I suppose. However, I do like nice things. I am a sucker for a nice handbag. I prefer fine linens over cheap imitation. And predominately, I am not gluten-free, BPA-free, sugar-free or, most noteablynot a vegetarian. I feel like I am a regular ol’ Midwesterner raised in a mainline church who still believes deeply in the core tenets of the Church. Alongside this, I am interested in meditation as a holy practice. I would like to establish a daily meditation as a means to better health and meaningful living.

What is the most effective holistic approach to living our best life?
And is the fact that I want a more ‘effective holistic approach an indication of how far I have to go and how much I have to learn??

I am excited to see where this blog/journal/discovery will take me…


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